Our first year has been amazing!

Whole Earth Pets Foundation, Inc. has been around for One Whole Year – our birthday was June 9th, 2014.  It has been a wild ride.  We established our non-profit corporation, got our Federal Approval and EIN  and kicked off our first program – Big Red’s Buddies all in our first month of existence. 

Our mission – in a nutshell – is to provide programs, education, services, and resources to help keep pets with their families.  And we are totally volunteer managed and staffed…so all donations go directly to the legal stuff and the care of the animals and their humans.

Big Red’s Buddies is a community outreach and focuses on those pet parents who are medically vulnerable, chronically ill, frail and/or isolated by disease or age; and/or financially challenged.

We believe that people who are able to keep their pets responsibly are happier and healthier.  And that the fewer “Owner Surrendered” pets in the various shelters, the fewer adoptable animals are killed for space to house strays and abandons.  That frees up resources in those facilities to help find furever homes for those who do come in.

Our programs have expanded to include “No Kill Kern” – which started as a spay/neuter initiative in the Kern County community and has since expanded to include rescue.

Plus at our anniversary, we are in discussions with a program called “Kinship Place” that will attempt to build community and provide housing for people with pets, who have no other options – which means our 2nd year will be very busy indeed.

The Whole Earth Pets Directory is still the main resource we provide free to pet parents.  You can see the electronic version here.  We are planning on adding other resources for pet parents and of course, are open to your suggestions.

Truly, this has been a labor of love….and we are thankful and feeling very blessed to be on this journey with you all.

We couldn’t do it without you!



2 responses to “Our first year has been amazing!

  1. My name is Diana I have A wired hair terror who needs surgery or she will die .I only get money at the beginning of every month please my little Honey needs your help. I had A car wash at 4 paws yesterday and no one showed up. I don’t know what else to do. Please help us . Here’s my phone # 661-979-5058. Sincerely very heart broken.

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