Over the rainbow bridge

It was a hard week. Whole Earth Pets Foundation, Inc. was founded after our business side Whole Earth Pets was solidly established.  Consequently there is a lot of commonality and crossover – our BAKWEP employees are unpaid volunteers for our programs as well as volunteering for other organizations.

This week, the business side mourned the loss of two client dogs – Alex and Nicki – both girls were sweet and gentle and greatly loved by their pet parents. We also sent prayers to our dear mastiff girl Patsy, whose limp turned out to be from a sheered leg bone – cancer is suspected, although she went through surgery well and is recovering. We continue to send our love in hopes that the biopsy comes back with good news.

We also experienced having one of our staff bitten by a loose dog, while walking a client in their neighborhood.

The Foundation side mourned the loss of a sweet pit mix, Truti Fruiti, who we diligently caught from a field in east Bakersfield to keep her from starvation, predators, traffic or evil humans.  We could not find a foster for her, so we brought her to the Kern County Animal Services (KCAS) in the hopes that a rescue would pick her up.  She developed kennel cough and additional complications, and  she was euthanized.

Our hearts hurt more for the stray, because she had no one to love her and never knew what life could be like with a human who loved her.  It was a hard decision to take her to the shelter, but we thought she would have a better chance and better quality of life there than on the streets. We still believe that.  We know that the folks at KCAS work diligently for the animals there, and do not make the decision to euthanize, lightly.

It doesn’t help the ache in our hearts and souls, though, for Truti and all the others who never get their furever homes.


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