A few words from Rody’s Pals

Rody’s Pals is our “Feet on the ground” outreach to Homeless and their pets.

Here are a few words from our new Program Director, Judy Kukuruza, after the May 15th Walkabout:

To all my Facebook friends and Friends of WEP and Rody’s Pals:
This morning my friends (volunteers) and I handed out food and toiletries to our homeless friends. As always, we were overwhelmed by their “Thank You” and “God bless you” words as we tried to stave off their hunger for a few hours. Yes, because as you all know, when the belly gets full, it doesn’t last a long time. And as always, we heard stories of how they were looking for work, housing, a place to wash their clothes, and a way out of their predicaments. I want to give kudos and thanks to Flood ministries as we congratulated another family that Flood is trying to find housing for. The people were smiling and so very hopeful! You should know this, because there are people helping people out there! We handed out some 36 lunches consisting of fruit, chips, hardboiled eggs, string cheese, cheese and crackers, juice drinks and water, carrots, and raisins and PBJ sandwiches. We try to give them food that will sustain them, taste good, that we ourselves would enjoy eating. Oh, and we also gave them some homemade chocolate chip cookies. (Everyone has a sweet tooth!) But here’s the rub. We cannot do this without donations. Yes, we make the cookies, and try to find the best sales at stores on our other food items, but we are non-profit and rely on the kindness and compassion of you out there to contribute to this and help these people who we consider friends that are down on their luck. Several of us who do this have experienced our own homelessness and had to rely on others until we could get back on our feet. So we understand how they feel. And anyone could be right where they are right now if a job is cut, a paycheck stops, the bills aren’t paid, the food runs out. Some ask how we discern who is worthy of receiving the food. My response is a hungry belly deserves to be filled, regardless, and doesn’t recognize whether or not it “deserves” to have food in it. We don’t judge, have criteria they need to meet. We just want to relieve their distress– however temporarily. I come home after we walk around and hand out food and cry when I open my fridge and see the food in it. Why am I so lucky? And now I turn to you and ask you to help us continue to help them and their devoted animals. We so need donations of anything and everything–food, money, toiletries, feminine hygiene products–and will gladly pick them up if you just message me here on Facebook, or contact our website: http://www.WEPfoundation.org–or call 661-888-4241 ext 102. We, I, will pick up any and all donations gladly–and it’s tax deductible since we are a non-profit.
Please think about how humanity counts in your life what kindness and compassion can do. Our homeless friends and their pets appreciate love and kindness as much or more than you and I. Thank you so very much for letting me take your time with my heart-felt plea for help for these struggling yet beautiful people!
Judy Kukuruza
You can donate by contacting me through Facebook, through the WEP website: WEPfoundation.org, or by calling 661-888-4241 ext 102. One of us will pick up anything/everything you donate. Please think about this and with your heart.

The Rody’s Pals program is in need of: cash donations; bottled water; individual sized juices, apple sauce, prepackaged healthy snacks, fresh fruit such as apples and oranges, hygiene items: tampons, pads, wet wipes, tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant; and pet food and supplies – such as gently used collars, leashes; and flea/tick collars.


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