And now we are 2

Whole Earth Pets Foundation, Inc, just reached its Second Birthday.

Time really does fly when your days are full to brimming with places to be, people to see, pets to help.

Established in 2014 – we came out of the shoot with the Bakersfield Whole Earth Pets Directory and the Big Red’s Buddies program.

We added the Rody’s Pals Program to help the homeless and their pets, and sponsored two pet related programs/organizations – Kinship Place, because it fit in with our goals of creating “Pets & People Residential Sanctuaries” and No Kill Kern, because it originally was presented as a Spay/Neuter focus and then grew immediately into a Rescue.

Kinship Place has retired from the organization, but our involvement in initiatives to change zoning and participate in the creation of a place for tiny homes and ways to build tiny homes for our Pets & People Residential Sanctuaries continues and we are active in the Bakersfield Tiny Home Meet-up in order to stay on top of current developments.

And No Kill Kern has incorporated as its own independent nonprofit organization – No Kill Kern Dog Rescue, Inc., it no longer needs our tax exempt status to complete its important work.

Big Red’s Buddies has anywhere from 24 to 52 dogs in care and 2 Feral cat colonies that get regular care: food, grooming, pet services, vaccinations, and medical treatment. This includes pets that need to be rehomed if their owner requests or passes; and the occasional rescue that needs to be vetted and adopted out. And emergency fostering for owners who are hospitalized or sent to rehabilitative care.

Rody’s Pals puts boots to the ground and brings food, pet food & supplies, clothing, hygiene products and more out to the homeless in the downtown area and river beds.  We also sometimes provide emergency foster and/or boarding for those homeless who have a chance to get an apartment or be accepted to a program – so that their pets can be reunited with them once they are settled. You may see us out wandering with our wagons of stuff in tow or in our cars pulling over to give a bag of dog food to a homeless person with a dog.

We are able to do what we do because of the generous donations of time, money, goods, and recyclables from those who support our work.

So while we are celebrating the start of a new year of work with our entirely volunteer organization – we are also celebrating YOU – for helping us to accomplish all that we have accomplished in these past two years, and helping us to continue.

Thank you!


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