The heat was on…

Here’s a few words from our Rody’s Pals Program Director about our Yard sale Fundraiser:

“There are no words to tell you all who donated goods, time, energy and EVERYTHING to help the ‘Let It Go yard’ sale for WEPF such a humungous success! Yes, it was HOT! Different thermometers had it between 106 and 112 (and we compared phone weather apps to the heat readings continually LOL) but we provided water, goodies, and lots and lots of welcomes, smiles, and good old peace and love to each and every visitor. Loads of people asked about our banner for WEPF that Steve Hass hung across his front porch for our sale and we answered every one! We handed out business cards, flyers, even posters for a lost dog in our city! No one walked away without a smile and a thank you! Oh guys! It is so much fun to do things like this where strangers become friends, people smile as they wipe the sweat away, and tell us over and over how they want to help with our WEPF helping animals and people! To tell you simply, it was so uplifting for all of we working the sale that I half expected an “Amen” or a “Hallelujah” to burst forth! We made a hefty amount of money, got loads of monetary donations, and spread the word! So now to those special people behind the scenes! Steve and Joni Hass donated their yard, along with hours spent helping sort, and haul stuff from the back to the front and providing restroom and cooling facilities so we could keep going. Thank YOU S & J! Linda Toelle, April Toelle, Kym Peterson Favors, Nathallie Hughes, Julia (Nathallie’s friend), Denise=another friend of WEPF, Christina Hagoort Dooley (picking up and delivering donations), Natalia Corres=founder and chief of WEPF, and everyone else who contributed in any and every way–THANK YOU! We did it!

Judy — Rody’s Pals
P.S. If I missed listing my thanks to you–my bad–and I still love you for all you did!”

Whole Earth Pets Foundation is so very proud of everyone who participated in this event!

Thank you all – those who helped, those who donated, those who braved the heat and came out to the event!


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