Welcoming 2017

First, my apologies – I broke my ankle at the beginning of November last year and it had most of my focus until now.  I’ll be publishing our annual report here in the next few weeks, and so I have actually been able to squeeze time in to post here, as I am reviewing our 2016 and welcoming 2017.

Not that the Foundation did not continue working  – Big Red’s Buddies and Rody’s Pals programs chugged along as they should without my help – due to the amazing efforts of those program directors – Christina Dooley and Judy Kukuruza respectively.

And the WEPF Bakersfield Pet Directory has been published and hard copies printed and distributed thanks to the hard work of the editor and chief bindery person – Linda Toelle.

Our newsletter continued to roll – thanks to our wonderful newsletter editor (who lives in Washington, btw) – Melinda Minette.

And we could not have accomplished anything without our many volunteers continued to help, donate and support us.  Thank you all!

Yes, the last quarter of 2016 was hectic and crazy and filled with people doing things to help other people and their pets.  I am proud of the work that was done.

It was also a time for grieving – as a few of those who have been so kind and supportive of us, experienced deep losses of their own. We hope our continued efforts will honor the memory of those who have gone ahead of us.




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