Whole Earth Pets Foundation, Incorporated is a non-profit corporation, founded in June 2014, to address a niche we feel is underserved – current pet parents who, without our help, might surrender or otherwise give up their pets.  Our 501(c)3 IRS tax exemption is 47-1116763.

Our mission is to:

  • Help pet owners maintain and keep their pets responsibly.  Whether they are having financial difficulties or health issues or housing challenges – pets and their human families should stay together if at all possible.  This results in less abandoned and owner surrendered pets in shelters (often destined to be destroyed); healthier and happier pets and their families. Assistance comes in the form of pet care services, such as dog walking; transportation to veterinary and grooming; pet food and supplies; assistance with wellness vaccinations, spay/neuter and emergency pet medical; emergency fostering and/or boarding; and finding a new home for a pet whose parent has predeceased them or moved to a nonpetfriendly full care facility.
  • Provide resources for the community and work with rescues and shelters, including (but not limited to): educational podcasts; Whole Earth Pets Directory of resources; facilitating and training for Fosters and volunteers; joint fundraising events and opportunities.

The Whole Earth Pets Foundation, Inc. is a completely volunteer organization, managed by:

Natalia Corres – Natalia@wepfoundation.org – Founder, President, Treasurer, Consultant to the Directors, and Tech Whisperer, Executive Director of Rody’s Pals and Whole Earth Pets and People Residential Sanctuaries (WEPPRS)

And the Board of Directors:

Christina Hagoort-Dooley –  Christina@wepfoundation.org –  Secretary of the Foundation, Executive Head Buddy for Big Red’s Buddies

Linda Toelle – Linda@wepfoundation.org –  Director of Logistics and Donations Management, Executive Director of the WEP Directory

And the Team:

Kym Favors – Kym@wepfoundation.org – Volunteer Coordinator across Foundation Programs

Judy Kukuruza – Judy@wepfoundation.org – Program Director for Rody’s Pals


We respect and adhere to U.S. Copyright laws and protections.  If you wish to notify us of any questions regarding copyright, please contact our designated agent at Foundation@wepfoundation.org or use this form:






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