Current Programs and Projects

Here is a  list of some of the programs and projects currently underway:

Bark Out Loud podcasts – a talk show format that brings issues, information, and education to the internet airwaves

Bakersfield Whole Earth Pets Foundation Directory of Resources – a directory of pet friendly businesses and pet related services

Big Red’s Buddies – a community outreach program servicing pet parents who are medically vulnerable, chronically ill, frail and/or isolated by disease or age, who may also be physically or financially challenged. For more information:

Rody’s Pals – a community outreach program to bring food, and supplies to the Homeless and their pets.

Whole Earth Pets and People Residential Sanctuaries (WEPPRS) – this is a concept program, currently being outlined.  It’s general goal is to provide sustainable, safe, secure low-cost housing for pets and their human families.  We are looking for property to build a tiny home community for the homeless and nearly homeless folks and their pets in Kern County.





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